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How the Process Works


Step One: Client request - Product types

Find products on warehouseonearth.com or send picture of product you are looking for to price.

Quantities: List number of units of each type of product. If you have item ID number please provide it.

Send or upload to Warehouse on Earth for estimate

Step Two: WOE - Estimate prepared

Depending on size and number of products estimate will be returned within 72 hours.

When approved and accepted by client, agreement will be prepared.

Step Three: WOE - Agreement prepared

Send to client within 24 hours of approval.

Step Four: Client - Agreement returned with 10% deposit.

Step Five: WOE - Shop drawings designed for approval.

Depending on size and types most will be completed within 7 days.

Step Six: Client - Approval signed off by client.

Return signed submittals approved by client with 25% deposit.

Step Seven: WOE - Samples of products air shipped to client.

****Inspection and approval by client. Sets quality controls.****

Step Eight: WOE - Work begins on shipment.

Thirty (30) days allowed for assembling.

Five (5) days allowed for packaging.

Step Nine: WOE - Receive bill of lading showing container loaded with pictures.

Step Ten: Client - Second payment of 30% due

Shipment is released. Thirty (30) days allowed for shipping.

Step Eleven: WOE - Container arrives at site ready for off load.

Step Twelve: Client - Payment of 25% due before off loading.

Off load done by client unless agreed in advance and in contract.

Client has 4 hours to off load product.

***Everything is label showing what unit it goes into.

Step Thirteen: Client - Signs off upon receiving product.

Step Fourteen: Client - Final payment of 10% within 30 days.

Progress reports can be made on request. All products assembled and labeled.

 We thank you for the opportunity to serve your product needs.



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